Friday, June 04, 2010

The Unnamed Women

An excerpt from "The Unnamed Women":

The hand that might have drawn aside
The veil, which from unloving sight
Those shrinking forms avails to hide,
With tender care has wrapped it tight.

He would not have the sullied name
Once fondly spoken in a home,
A mark for strangers' righteous blame,
Branded through every age to come.

And thus we only speak of them
As those on whom His mercies meet --
"She whom the Lord would not condemn,"
And "She who bathed with tears His feet"

Thy guilt and shame on Him must lie;
Then search the past thy guilt to see,
Instead, this sight shall meet thine eye,—
Thy Saviour on the cross for thee!

"The Unnamed Women", Elizabeth Rundle Charles, in Songs Old and New (1887), pp. 46-52

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Anonymous said...

As the individual grows in years and experiences, he so often will get a clearer picture of the shame he may have put toward the Lord. But He bore it all for us, the lowly and helpless, of which we sometimes forget.