Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One-woman man

Bart Barber makes a cases for one marriage only for a lifetime for bishops/elders.

For example: "I have begun to lean toward a new understanding of the phrase 'one-woman man'...that the phrase means to indicate a man who is married to no more than one women throughout his entire lifetime, no matter what may happen in that lifetime."

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Anonymous said...

There are a few at random thoughts which come to mind while considering this topic.

One would be an often overlooked status which is attached to marriage. If you take two candidates running for office, this would certainly come into play. Regardless of how superior and more qualified one may be over another, it can be rest assured that if he were single, he would lose. I do not believe this is right.

I can recall a personal instance quite a few years ago. I was inquiring about a business opportunity with another gentleman. Though it was not a formal interview, he asked me if i were a family man. Though he may not have realized it, he was in violation of the law, as you cannot use this as a basis of hiring, promotions, etc.

Another issue closely related would be the breakdown of the family unit. Nothing at all in society today is geared at building up the family unit. Whether it is economics, popular culture, politics, workplace policies, etc. All of them put emphasis on a hedonistic value system at the expense of the family unit. Without strengthening this unit, the issue of a one woman man is null and void. After all, those who have had many wives combined with the alternative lifestyle set are now admired like never before. It is the single individual who is left out in the cold.