Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter at the tomb

On the radio this morning I heard a report of Easter celebrations in Jerusalem yesterday (April 4, 2010). One of the events described was a sunrise service at the Garden Tomb. The report played a clip of someone attributing their presence at the tomb in Jerusalem as upbuilding to their faith. I'm not sure of the quote, but online I found this statement by a participant from California: "I definitely got just a reconfirmation of things I already knew in my heart, that Jesus Christ lives and that He is my Savior and Redeemer." Another says, "The Garden Tomb creates an experience for visitors that engages them in the reality of the risen Lord Jesus." Nothing wrong with seeing some of this for geographical and historical reasons, but I cannot fathom the need of this to engage Christians in the reality of the risen Lord or to reconfirm that Jesus lives.

Almost immediately upon hearing the news report came to mind this stanza I have loved and memorized from long ago:

Around a Table, not a Tomb,
He willed our gathering place to be:
When going to prepare our home,
Our Saviour said-- "Remember Me."

Blessed are they which have not seen and yet have believed.

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Anonymous said...

This situation brings to mind the need of some to constantly want to prove their faith. Those who put great emphasis on the gifts of the Spirit immediately come to mind. It seems if they do not see an outward manifestation of healing, talking in tongues, etc., thenthere must be something out of order. I believe this kind of interpretation is completely out of line with the Bible to start with.

God has always done things to give proof that He always has been without man's help. It may be that if man so much wants the reaffirmation of certain things or events in the scripture, that he may have an issue of doubt. Let us strive to remove doubt.