Wednesday, April 07, 2010

More 'social engineering'

According to Associated Press writer David Crary, "...the Census Bureau says same-sex couples in any state who consider themselves spouses should feel free to check the 'husband' or 'wife' boxes on the census form, rather than 'unmarried partner'." In defending this cockeyed policy, Tim Olson of the Census Bureau pointed out that they don't ask straight people to produce their marriage licenses. Perhaps not, but they also do not encourage unmarried 'straight people' to lie about their legal marital status.

Besides all that, most people don't seem to know that the constitutional purpose of the census is to determine how many representatives each state gets in Congress (and by extension, how many electors). It is not to find out how many bathrooms your home has, whether you are gay or straight, how many teachers to hire, or how much money a community gets.


Anonymous said...

Another example of the government being inconsistent and side-stepping the law when they are the ones who make them and should uphold them.

Anonymous said...

I know it is terrible to say it, but for some, lieing about their marital status would at least spare them from the torment they have to deal with, even if only temporarily.

I guess they would not have to almost hang their head in embarrassment when asked if they had plans with the family today. They would not be left speechless when asked if they had gotten their spouse a gift on Mother's Day. They would also not have to be as out of place in a group of people when they are usually the only one with no one else to make conversation about. Yes, it would be tempting.

But then again, there are some things it could not do. It could not actually create the atmosphere and abode of getting to experience a normal state and existence of a setting that God instituted and commanded before the foundation of the world. But we must press on toward that rightful place to which God made before such things ever came to be. It matters not what the world thinks is proper and expedient for the moment. It should not be about ourselves, but on Him.