Friday, January 29, 2010

Paul's voyage

Paul's voyage. Acts 27

If Paul in Caesar's court must stand,
He need not fear the sea;
Secured from harm, on every hand,
By the divine decree.

Although the ship, in which he sailed,
By dreadful storms was tossed;
The promise over all prevailed,
And not a life was lost.

Jesus! the GOD whom Paul adored,
Who saves in time of need;
Was then confessed, by all on board,
A present help indeed!

Though neither sun nor stars were seen
Paul knew the Lord was near;
And faith preserved his soul serene,
When others shook for fear.

Believers thus are tossed about
On life's tempestuous main;
But grace assures, beyond a doubt,
They shall their port attain.

They must, they shall, appear one day,
Before their Savior's throne;
The storms they meet with by the way,
But make his power known.

Their passage lies across the brink
Of many a threat'ning wave;
The world expects to see them sink,
But JESUS lives to save.

Lord, though we are but feeble worms,
Yet since thy word is past;
We'll venture through a thousand storms,
To see thy face at last.

John Newton (1725-1807)
Olney Hymns, 1779

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Anonymous said...

For some reason the topic of weather comes to mind after reading this.

I believe that man has gotten too caught up in atmospheric conditions. And to think, there is a 24 hour television weather channel. Man has even tried to devise ways to control the weather.

As bad as weather conditions may get at times, the sun is always shining just above the clouds. We should not let every atmospheric disturbance be cause for panic. We have always had seasonal patterns of change. I believe if we look at Paul's voyage in the right context, then the weekly forecast should not be of the greatest of concerns.