Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Thanks for visiting Seeking the Old Paths. I welcome interaction from our readers. I’d like to hear your perspective. I try to run a “free speech” blog so folks can exchange their ideas without fear of being censored or blocked. But a few “rules” are in order. Please keep the following in mind:

1) All are free to share. It is best to keep your comments reasonably short. This encourages the conversation rather than hinders it, and is a blessing to busy readers.

2) Be respectful of others – even if you have a strong disagreement with them. It’s OK to disagree but try not to be too disagreeable! Don’t “flame.” A flame is an attack on someone personally. Keep your discussion on a high plane about the Scriptures or other relevant subject matter, and on topic. Avoid ad hominem arguments.

3) Please use an upper case “G” when speaking about different Christian perspectives of God. Do not write “the god of Arminians or the god of Calvinists.” God in the Bible is a proper name, whether you agree with the other commenter or not.

4) Stay on topic. I won’t be censoring topic-specificity if you don’t violate a couple of important rules; but an on-topic discussion is more fruitful. Vigorous on-topic debate, beneficial information, and intelligent discussion are welcomed.

5) I reserve the right to remove any comment for any reason or no reason. That is: my blog, my reasons! But if you are nice, all will go well. The only comments subject to immediate deletion will be cursing, explicit language, spam, links to vile material, and over-the-top accusations against fellow commenters. Spam comments will be removed, including spam links to other sites and blogs. Comments that are irrelevant advertisements will be removed. Links to verification of information you cite are welcomed.

6) Anonymous comments are allowed, but do not misuse your anonymity for “sneak attacks,” gossip, lies, etc. Observe all the rules that other guests follow. If there is anything deemed inappropriate your comment will be removed.

7) I prefer that questions for me that are unrelated to the post topic be handled by email. Clicking on “About” in the header will take you to a page with my email link.

Thank you for reading “Seeking the Old Paths.” Thank you for your input.