Saturday, November 21, 2009

Evangelical Lutheran split

We've not heard as much as this in the news as with the Episcopal Church a few years ago. But the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America will probably split over gay marriage. In August the ELCA voted to allow gay and lesbian pastors. More conservative Lutherans will probably form a new denomination within the next year.

(It takes them much longer to split than it does Baptists!)


Anonymous said...

I agree with a religious commentator regarding this morally sickening crisis. He said that all of these happenings could have a trickle-down effect and ultimately be a threat to our national security.

Jim1927 said...

Is it right that a lesbian, in the US Army, should fear for her life. Is this threat also a "threat" to national security? I think some things are carried a bit far. I am not supporting homosexuality, but each citizen must have a right to be one.



Anonymous said...

Certainly we are afforded many rights whether we agree with all of them or not. But there also consequences attached to rights as well. I have the right to be outside in the harsh, chilling weather when the tempurature is below freezing without a coat. Of course there will be a price paid along with it.