Monday, November 16, 2009


adjective: Idyllically pastoral: simple, peaceful.
noun: One leading a simple rural life.

"After Arcadia, a region of ancient Greece whose residents were believed to have led quiet, unsophisticated lives of peace and happiness."

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Anonymous said...

Come to think of it, with the high increase of urban sprawl, it is getting much harder to find a pastoral and idyllic setting. They say it is even affecting the desert region of the Southwest.

This may be getting away from the subject somewhat, but it's interesting to look at the last few presidential elections in the US.

If you break the elections down county by county all across the country, the Republican candidate won the majority of them. I believe it was around 75 % or so. I think it was true in the last election. So how could the Republican candidate have lost? Well, the 25% counties in which the Democrat won were the metropolitan counties all along the Eastern seaboard, the West Coast, and other metro areas. Are things starting to revert back to an urban vs rural struggle? Sounds like shades of The Civil War.