Sunday, October 25, 2009

Random Sacred Harp quotes 1

"Let music charm me last on earth and greet me first in heaven."

"This kind of music here, it comes out of you. There aren't any guitars or musical instruments, it comes from within you." -- Sam Craig, President, East Texas Sacred Harp Convention

"A living tradition changes. If it stopped changing, it would be because it died." -- David Lee

"....every letter has its own peculiar air, which air is very much hurt if the tune is not rightly pitched." -- William Billings

"What a beautful ramshackle racket. Needs to be heard loud." -- Paul in Nottingham

"When in doubt, sing loud." -- Robert Merrill, American operatic tenor

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Anonymous said...

I believe you could take Mr. Lee's comment a little further.

Some things change so much, the end result is the death of it.