Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Goings on

There's always lots of things going on in our world, and for the most part I don't comment too much. But here are some of my rambling thoughts on five diverse current events.

Medical marijuana
A new policy memo memo was issued October 19 by Deputy Attorney General David Ogden concerning the pursuit of marijuana cases. The policy (memo linked
HERE) is intended as "...guidance to federal prosecutors in States that have enacted laws authorizing the medical use of marijuana." Basically it says it is not a wise use of time and manpower to prosecute those who are in compliance with their state's laws on the medical use of marijuana. This is a change of direction from the former administration's policy of enforcing federal laws against marijuana regardless of state medical-use laws.

Makes sense to me. Let the federal government recognize these state laws and not criminalize those who are making medical decisions strictly in accordance with their state's laws.

Publicity, publicity, publicity
Richard and Mayumi Heene of Colorado reported that their 6-year-old son disappeared in a helium-filled balloon that became untethered and floated away. Following the report a wild rescue effort ensued with multiple entities concerned for the life and safety of the child. The Denver airport was even shut down for awhile.

Hang 'em high. If reports pan out, this was not a momentary lapse of judgment, but these folks conspired in a planned publicity stunt -- including encouraging 3 sons lying in a deliberate hoax -- for nothing but greedy gain.

Unsafe schools
Back in September,
Todd Henry of nearby John Tyler High School was stabbed to death by a student with a butcher knife. The student had a history of violence, and evidently Mr. Henry had previously reported serious concerns about this student.

Don't know enough about all this, but it looks like a number of people may have had momentary lapses of judgment in dealing with this child. But hindsight is 20-20, they say. Despite the student's so-called illnesses, this was a deliberate violent act and I favor his being tried as a adult.

Interracial marriage
A Louisiana Justice of the Peace recently refused to marry an interracial couple. According to his claim, he recused himself for conscientious reasons and recommended another JP who would marry them.

Don't know the legalities of this. The JP maintains he can recuse himself, but attorney Bill Quigley, director of the Center for Constitutional Rights and Justice, says "A justice of the peace is legally obligated to serve the public, all of the public." Certainly preachers, priests and rabbis can marry or refuse to marry whom they choose, based on reasons of faith and conscience. But a justice of the peace? Being a creature of the state (and I assume paid by the state/parish/people) seems to not leave the same option. The fact that the couple is now consdering legal action against him makes me wonder whether they were/are initially looking for publicity or if they just stumbled on to this and are now being pressured to make a big deal out of it. I'm sure they were offended, but the JP did nothing to deter them from being married. Allowing people to have their own opinions is part of what a free country is about. Do they think he is incompetent and should be removed, are they trying to make a statement on race/marriage, or do they think there is money to be made here?

Easy conversion
The Vatican announced a stunning decision Tuesday to make it easier for Anglicans to convert... Read about it
HERE. Well, Anglicanism is just an English version of the Roman Church anyway, as far as I can tell. One is as well off in one as the other.


Jim1927 said...

Well, Anglicanism is just an English version of the Roman Church anyway, as far as I can tell;;;;

Sorry, but The Church of England is not even close to the Roman Catholic Church. I was brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus in the Anglican Church. My earliest teachings in the faith was in the Anglican Church. My wife is still Anglican. So many strong books were published by men of the Anglican Church, especially te early theological books. I grew up abhoring the Church of Rome and especially the Pope!

The Church of England's Archbishop, whilst head of the churches is just a Bishop and answers to the Bishops of the Church.

I presently attend an Anglican Church in my village. The Anglican Church doesn't even come close to the Episcopal Church of the USA.



R. L. Vaughn said...

It seems that the Episcopal Church of the USA is quite split, but the majority being liberal and a minority conservative.

I would assume though, that the Catholic attempt to gain easy converts is aimed at all Anglicans, which I think the Episcopal Church of the USA is a part. If not, someone can explain the difference.

Anonymous said...

I feel that much of the aforementioned has been caused by America gradually shifting away from being a Christian nation. If the Bible was still at the center of lives and households, we would not have to worry about marijuana, school violence, outlandish publicity stunts, etc. The conscience of society has gradually been seared with a hot iron.

Did America get to be the greatest nation on earth by sitting in front of the television and internet, playing video games, being absorbed with sports,keeping up with the latest trends and fads, etc.? I think not. As our longstanding ideals and ethics continue to erode, it is more vital than ever that we hold on to an element which our forefathers left us to be lead, just as the northern star was that guiding light to many of long ago.

Jim1927 said...

Did America get to be the greatest nation on earth by sitting

Maybe your over imaginative thinking that you are the greatest nation in the world is part of your downfall.

Some of us happen to think highly of our own nation. The US was no more Christian than was later England and Canada.

We all have our share of failures. Maybe it's just that we admit to them and build from there. When you boast perfect there is only one direction fall. At least we are still developing.

Goliath was a boasting giant, but he fell with one little peddble,didn't he?



Anonymous said...

You bring up a good point. I believe over time that we became spoiled when we thought we had reached superiority.

Then again, there is a theory that has floated about for many years. There will probably never be any proof given. It was the idea that the old Soviet Union had concocted this grand conspiracy to bring the USA down when the Cold War first started. They wanted to do anything they could to get America distracted or off track. It is something worth pondering.During a 10 year period you had things such as teenage rebellion, drug use, birth of Rock and Roll, Civil Rights movement, Vietnam War, death of a president, prayer being removed from schools, etc. It is interesting to notice the time frame on all of this. It may or may not be a coincedence.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, I was not implying an " Our country is better than yours" mindset. We all have ancestry from different lands, and should be proud of our heritage.

I was coming more from the standpoint of America at one time being the leading nation in many different categories. So many have wanted to come here in the past for opportunities not afforded them elsewhere. That is no longer the case in some aspects. Now we even hear the phrase, "What is American?"