Friday, October 30, 2009

The Portal to Texas History

Here is a helpful site for Texas history and genealogy:
The Portal to Texas History

Searches books, maps, photos, newspapers, etc.


Adrian Neal said...

Being a Texas History teacher, THANKS.

You might also look at (Lone Star Junction)
and SFA has a Texas History called Texas Tides.

Adrian Neal said...

that's Texas History web-site

R. L. Vaughn said...

Yes, I am sure that you will enjoy it. Thanks for mentioning the Lone Star Junction. I'm not familiar with that one (but intend to get that way soon).

There is some neat stuff at Texas Tides. And the use of it can save on a trip to the East Texas Research Center. Of course, folks will want to go there from time to time. But when you can't go...

Bro. Adrian as a history teacher and preacher, you would enjoy the Holloway Lee Power Diary on Texas Tides. It is an interesting piece of Baptist history. Power was a Baptist preacher, and a member for a brief time of the Union/Old North Church north of Nacogdoches. He left with a minority group that, if I remember correctly, objected to paying a stated salary to pastor B. E. Lucas. His younger brother, James Isaac Power, would later pastor the majority group. His diary describes Power's move from Alabama to Texas, and has comments about church meetings and some of his religious beliefs (and everyday life).