Sunday, May 17, 2009

The rapid flight of Time

From The Baptist Harmony
480 P.M. Dossey's Choice.

The rapid flight of Time, and the Solemnities of Eternity.

My days, my weeks, my months, my years,
Fly rapid as the whirling spheres,
Around the steady pole;
Time, like the tide, its motion keeps,
And I must launch through boundless deeps,
Where endless ages roll.

The grave is near, the cradle seen,
How swift the moments pass between,
And whisper as they fly;
Unthinking man, remember this,
Though fond of sublunary bliss,
That you must groan and die.

My soul, attend the solemn call,
Thine earthly tent must shortly fall
And thou must take thy flight
Beyond the vast expansive blue,
To sing above as angels do.
Or sink in endless night.

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