Monday, April 13, 2009

True Servant

Heard this on the radio from Charles Stanley:
"Based on those words, many churches have made foot washing an obligation. They believe this act shows Christlikeness and demonstrates willingness to 'serve'. Perhaps that’s true for some believers. But, many perform the ceremony solely out of obedience. Jesus’ message to the disciples and to modern believers is not literally to wash dirty feet. He wants us to serve one another with humility and love."

John 13 -- The true servant
The true servant does not wait to be asked to serve (sensitive to needs; volunteers)
The true servant does not criticize others who don't serve (doesn't compare with others; not looking for recognition).
The true servant serves without expecting reciprocation (not giving to receive)
The true servant learns to receive as well as give (pride not only keeps us from giving, but from receiving as well).
The true servant serves those who reject him (Judas, e.g.)

On the first quote, I don't completely agree because I don't think it has to be either/or. The five points on the true servant seem valid and true to the text/context.

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