Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy tax day

Happy taxing be taxed day. On top of that tax, school districts are engulfed in TAKS.

This day should be a holiday!


Unknown said...

I'm grateful for a job and the ability to pay taxes today. I'm grateful for my local school district. I'm grateful for police, for the protection provided by the armed services, for judges and lawmakers, for support of the arts and sciences, for roads and sewers and universities. I'm grateful that federal dollars went into a project that means I can write this comment on your blog. I don't like everything my governments do, and some of it appalls me. But I'm grateful, too, for a life often made better because of our ability to self-govern and impose taxes.

R. L. Vaughn said...

Will, thanks for reminding us that we have much for which to be grateful. Many times we wallow in our pity rather than "in everything give thanks."

As an American, I believe I can still be "offended" by taxes imposed for things that the government should not even constitutionally be doing. As a Christian, I believe I should pay my taxes, as well as obey the powers that be as long as I can do that and still obey God.