Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Odds and ends

"Bro. J.B. Gambrell is a staunch defender of old time Baptist strictness and protests against entangling alliances with those not Baptists. Once in a while however he seems to favor entangling alliances with loose Baptists. In this way he may be right but as for us, we are no more inclined to yoke up with those who wear the Baptist name but refuse to stand for Baptist principles and practice than we are with Pedo-Baptists. Lloyd George is a great statesman, but as a Baptist he is not our kind." - Illinois Baptist

(The above quote was in the Illinois Baptist, the weekly paper of Southern Baptists in Illinois in July, 1920. J.B. Gambrell was a Baptist leader in Texas and Lloyd George was Prime Minister in England.) Sent by Ben Stratton

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