Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Sum and Substance of Religion, By J. C. Philpot

"There is no true religion independent of the inward work and witness of God the Spirit in the conscience. Take away the Spirit’s work, and what is left? Nothing but a dead carcass of forms. If a man deny the inward teachings of the Spirit of God to be the sum and substance of religion, he has no other refuge but Popery; and, to be thoroughly consistent, he should declare himself a Papist at once; for there is no real stopping–place between vital religion wrought in the heart and conscience by the power of God the Spirit, and that which stands in external forms, rites and ceremonies." -- As printed in the “Old Faith Contender”, November 1965

Joseph Charles Philpot (1802-1869) was an English Baptist minister born in Kent. According to "Gospel Standard, he was the son of a clergyman (evidently Anglican), and "he became a fellow of Worcester College Oxford. In 1828 he was appointed a curate at Stadhampton. He seceded from the Church of England in 1835 and cast in his lot with those who later became known as the Gospel Standard Baptists, becoming sole editor of their magazine in 1849."


Anonymous said...

Brother Robert, I thought you might be interested in this site showing many Baptist Churches in Eastern Ontario. The beginning dates is an area of interest to you,,all 1800's.

We also have an 1800's church in Hamilton, Ontario (40 miles west of Toronto) Philpot Memorial Church. It is AGC, but the first pastor was Philpot, who later went on to pastor the Moody Church in Chicago after some 37 years in Hamilton.



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forgot to post the site;;



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Thanks for the information and the link.