Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thou Fountain of bliss

Thou Fountain of bliss, Thy smile I entreat;
O'erwhelm'd with distress I mourn at Thy feet;
The joy of salvation, when shall it be mine?
The high consultation of friendship divine!

Awakened to see the depth of my fall,
For mercy on Thee I earnestly call;
'Tis Thine the lost sinner to save and renew;
Faith's mighty Beginner and Finisher too.

Thy Spirit alone repentance implants,
And gives me to groan at feeling my wants;
'Midst all my dejection, dear Lord, I can trace
Some marks of election, some tokens of grace.

Thou will not despise a sinner distressed;
All-kind and all-wise, Thy season is best.
To Thy sovereign pleasure resigned I would be,
And tarry Thy leisure, and hope still in Thee.

Augustus Montague Toplady, (1740-1778)

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