Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Supplies in the wilderness

Supplies in the wilderness.

When Israel by divine command
The pathless desert trod;
They found, though 'twas a barren land,
A sure resource in God.

A cloudy pillar marked their road,
And screened them from the heat;
From the hard rocks their water flowed,
And Manna was their meat.

Like them we have a rest in view,
Secure from adverse pow'rs;
Like them we pass a desert too,
But Israel's God is ours.

Yes, in this barren wilderness
He is to us the same;
By his appointed means of grace,
As once he was to them.

His word a light before us spreads
By which our path we see;
His love a banner o'er our head,
From harm preserves us free.

Lord, 'tis enough; I ask no more,
These blessings are divine;
I envy not the worldling's store,
If CHRIST and heav'n are mine.

John Newton (1725-1807)
Olney Hymns, 1779.

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Anonymous said...

There is indeed a barren wilderness to which we travail in our daily ongoings. Much of the time it does not resemble a wilderness as such, but it is one nonetheless. We may ask ourselves at times if God is anywhere to be found. Then through unexplained occurances, the Almighty Hand of God transports us to a state of peace and calm.