Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rethinkin our thinkin

I intended today to post a writing titled "Rethinkin' our thinkin': some comments on Sacred Harp 'myths'". I couldn't seem to get it all together and it was running long. I decided to post some Sacred Harp links, postpone "Rethinkin our thinkin" and break it into a few smaller pieces. I will begin to post it (d.v.) on Thursday, so Sacred Harper, et al., keep a look out.

Rethinkin our thinkin: The interloper
Rethinkin our thinkin: new areas and dispersed harmony
Rethinkin our thinkin: new books and the largest book
Rethinkin our thinkin: on tradition

I'm using a loaded term to perhaps catch a little attention. I don't think what I'm discussing will be absolute myths with no basis in fact. But these are items that, in my opinion, need to be tweaked to bring them closer to the whole truth. The fact seems to me to be that early in the 20th century J. S. James started writing the history of Sacred Harp in a polemic atmosphere and that most of it since has been written to some extent within that polemic atmosphere. So I'll use polemics as a call to objectivity! ;-)

Let me apologize ahead of time to some of you. It will be written with the assumption of some basics points that may not be as well known to those outside Sacred Harp circles. Feel free to ask for clarification.

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