Monday, September 24, 2007

Caught in the middle playing second fiddle

The following is not the best poetry, but hopefully captures some of what I feel when reading about and thinking of Jonathan, the son of Israel's first king, Saul.

Jonathan, Jonathan, Saul's oldest son --
You fought for your God, you fought for your king,
You fought for your country, you fought for your friend;
The loyalty you modeled is second to none.

Jonathan, Jonathan, God's soldier brave --
Fearless to battle you shunned not to go
And went with one against a host to show,
No restraint to God by many or few to save.

Jonathan, Jonathan, David's best friend --
Caught in the middle playing second fiddle,
Heir to the throne must have seemed such a riddle;
You resigned that God's will is the best in the end.

Jonathan, Jonathan, loyal to the end --
You could not be king if your friend would reign.
Loyalty to father and friend must have caused pain.
You died with your father and died for your friend
(for you must die if he would reign).

23 September 2007 (© 2007, by author) permission granted for use with proper credit and a suggested mention of this site.

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