Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Six weeks missing

My mother-in-law, Shirley Hunt, is still missing. She has now been missing for six weeks. Yesterday (the 30th) a Texas Ranger came out and visited with Bobby (Hunt) about possible investigative help from his organization.

The Texas EquuSearch team has agreed to come to Rusk County to conduct another search of the area where she was last seen. Wednesday July the 25th, Bobby called Tim Miller, founder of Texas EquuSearch, about the possibility of their coming to the area to search for Shirley. Tim contacted the Rusk County Sheriff's Dept. and they set up the date of Saturday, August 11th. Shirley's picture and information was placed on the EquuSearch website a few days after she went missing, but this will be the first time they've been involved in the search. The date for their search is bittersweet, the 11th being the anniversary of Bobby and Shirley Hunt.

We appreciate everyone who has shown your concern for our family.

EquuSearch will be in Longview Saturday the 4th searching for
Brandi Wells.

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