Monday, July 16, 2007

Twelve Baptist Tribes and other books

This morning Albert Wardin let me know that his new book, The Twelve Baptist Tribes in the USA, is now available. In "Twelve Tribes", Wardin describes 53 different Baptist groups in the United States, including information on some lesser known groups. It includes sixteen very nice colored maps at the back of the book. To order The Twelve Baptist Tribes, contact Baptist History and Heritage Society, 3001 Mercer University Dr., Atlanta, GA 30342-4255; or contact Charles Deweese at 770-457-5538 or charlesdeweese--at--baptisthistory--dot--org. The book sells for $24.95 [with shipping should be $28.00, but check to be sure]. Dr. Wardin is author of several good books, including Baptists in Oregon, Baptists Around the World: A Comprehensive Handbook, Baptist Atlas, Gottfried F. Alf: Pioneer of the Baptist Movement in Poland, and Tennessee Baptists: A Comprehensive History 1779-1999. I will hope to get up a review of it on my blog at some future date (d.v.).

Also, to a list I'm on, Phil Hodson of writes, "I'm liquidating all of our used biblical and theological books with a big sale to help simplify my life. All USED books (including the Antiques) are HALF OFF the marked price. In other words, deduct 50% from the price you see. New books are at the prices marked, which are marked down as well."

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