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The Mercy of God in Christ

The following is transcribed from page 2 of “The Missionary Baptist” (Aug. 2, 1917), H. M. Allen of Carthage, Texas, editor.

From the Brethren

Dear Bro. Allen: -- Some twenty years ago or more, in my deep meditation of God’s love for humanity, I composed a hymn, which to my way of thinking is full of the gospel, but I have never offered it for publication; and as I regard you as a good judge of gospel hymns I will send it to you, and if you think it worthy you may print it in your paper, and have it printed in some song book if you think it worthy.

I wish to say to Bro. Kinsey, that in giving his prescription for ministerial success he failed to prescribe any remedy to ease the conscience of the preacher while he is using it.

Yours fraternally,
M. L. Vaughn

(Note by editor: The class of preachers who use Bro. Kinsey’s prescription are not supposed to have any conscience. A conscience would be very much in the way of the success of some people.)

The Mercy of God in Christ

“Oh why, my God, is thy delight
Among the sons of men?
Thy precious love so full and bright,
While sinners we have been?

You gave Your darling Son to die,
Poor sinners to redeem.
He came to John and was baptized,
In Jordan’s lowly stream.

When He ascended from the waves,
He heard His Father’s voice
Proclaiming, 'This is My dear Son,
My everlasting choice.'

He taught repentance and belief, --
An humble heart of love,
To gain that happy home of God,
In that bright world above." -- M. L. Vaughn

If we know what the gospel is, the foregoing hymn is truly a gospel hymn. The sixteen stanzas, or lines of which it is composed have alternately four and three iambic feet, and may therefore be sung to any common meter tune. Until some one furnishes us with a tune better adapted to the words we may sing the hymn to the tune of “Amazing Grace”.

[These last lines evidently written by the editor, rlv]

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