Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Salvation personally experienced

"Anyone who cannot testify of a mighty work of God seizing and overwhelming his whole frame has not known saving grace. Those who profess that they can't remember a time when they weren't saved, need to tremble that their salvation is self-wrought and self-taught, even though their lives and works may be consistent with Biblical instruction. Have I gone too far? These distinctions are nearly incapable of verbal expression without the danger of being misunderstood, accused of some exaggeration, or actually espousing unBiblical thought." - Richard T. Smith

"The Lord will happiness divine
On contrite hearts bestow;
Then tell me gracious Lord, is mine
A contrite heart, or no?" - William Cowper


R. L. Vaughn said...

In giving me permission to quote him on my blog, Bro. Richard Smith also offered further comments, from which I excerpt the following:

'My remarks about the necessity of a present sense experience of God's working salvation in every believer's life does not exclude those whom the Father has saved from the womb. Since the Scripture makes plain that this is a rare and wonderful blessing for a chosen few, this gracious visitation does not preclude the "breaking through of the Holy Spirit" to interrupt, as it were, our daily walk with the Lord, and causing us to be lost in wonder, love and praise of our matchless Savior...My point is that each and every believer must feel and know that Jesus has come in the flesh and is God and Lord. Having thus "seen" the majesty of our Maker, Redeemer, Provider, Master, and Most Holy Father, we partake of His glory. Without such an experience, one's salvation is devoid of assurance that it is wrought in God, not himself. It can't be denied that the Biblical saints would and did so testify. So ought we.

As I have said, the more we say on these high and holy matters, the more prone we are to misunderstanding, overstatement (although how such a thing is possible when speaking of God's grace I don't know) and error. May God grant us grace to believe on Him as He has stated in the Word, and to go no further than that.

Standing on the Promises, I remain, as I pray you are, A Humble Servant of Christ,
Richard T. Smith,
Haddonfield, NJ'

Anonymous said...

According to Richard T. Smith's first statement I am unsaved and living a life of dreams. I've heard it before and I usually wonder what they are hiding in their own lives that they have to be so vocal as to how one must react to the saving grace of a loving God.

Maybe I should fake some bombastic reaction to some preacher pounding the pulpit and shouting, giving an invitation to come forward some 13 or 14 times to "Just as I am..."



Anonymous said...

I grew up in the Church of England, and church public school. Bible was an inegral part of my education. I always believed that it was true and Jesus was whom he said he was. It was whilstt aking my confirmation classes that I discovered a new identity in the Lord Jesus Christ, and realized Him as my personal saviour. There were no bells and the sky didn't fall. It was a quiet confession to God.

Am I saved?