Tuesday, September 15, 2020

In other words, cuppa gibberish

  • ambuscado, noun (Chiefly Military). A positioning of soldiers, etc., in a concealed place, in order to surprise and attack an enemy; the surprise attack itself. Also: the condition or position of being concealed in such a way.
  • bagman, noun (British). A traveling salesman.
  • beard-stroking, noun. The action of stroking one's beard, especially while deliberating or reflecting on a question. Hence: over-intellectualism, excessive deliberation, pretentiousness. Cf. chin-stroking.
  • chin-stroking, noun. The action of stroking one's chin, especially while deliberating or reflecting on a question. Hence: excessive deliberation or pondering, pretentiousness. Cf. beard-stroking.
  • comorbidity, noun. A concomitant but unrelated pathological or disease process.
  • concomitant, adjective. Existing or occurring with something else, often in a lesser way; accompanying; concurrent.
  • coopetition, noun. Collaboration between rival organizations in the hope of mutually beneficial results, sometimes on a specific project; cooperation between competitors.
  • coze, verb (intransitive). To sit or recline comfortably and snugly.
  • cuppa, noun (British, informal). A cup of tea.
  • doss, verb (British, informal).  Sleep (in rough or inexpensive accommodations).
  • fomite, noun. An inanimate object or substance, such as clothing, furniture, or soap, that is capable of transmitting infectious organisms from one individual to another.
  • gibber, verb (intransitive). To speak rapidly, inarticulately, and often foolishly.
  • gibberish, noun. Meaningless or unintelligible talk or writing.
  • meep, verb (intransitive). To make a short, high-pitched sound.
  • nick, verb (British, slang). To steal. To take into legal custody; arrest.
  • oscitant, adjective. Yawning with drowsiness; also dull, lazy, or stupid.
  • pseudologue, noun. A compulsive or pathological liar.
  • rozzle, verb (transitive). To warm or heat (something), esp. before a fire.
  • simp, noun (Informal). A fool; simpleton.
  • vaguebooking, noun (slang). An intentionally vague Facebook status update, that inevitably prompts friends to ask what is going on, or is possibly a cry for help (from vague + Facebook).

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