Monday, July 03, 2017

There is no place like home

“Someone has said that most men spend the first half of their life trying to get away from the place they were born and raised, and the last half trying to get back to it. My observation would uphold that notion. There are many clichés which are thus appropriate, ‘There is no place like home,’ ‘Home is where the heart is,’ ‘Home sweet home,’ etc., just to name a few.  That men have a link to the place of their nativity goes without saying...those who have an inheritance in the kingdom of GOD must also have their ‘birth’ there. It is impossible for a man to claim natural citizenship in a land in which he had no natural birth and in the same fashion it is impossible that a man should consider himself to be a part of this spiritual kingdom who has not been born there.” – Mike McInnis

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