Monday, July 31, 2017

Passages in the Life of an Old Georgia Preacher

In 1830, and about that period, a great controversy raged among the Baptists of Georgia, ostensibly on the subject of doctrine, but really on the subject of Missions. The Atonement was the great question---James Henderson being the leader of the limited Atonement party, and Cyrus White the champion of those who believed in its universality...There was a third party, with Jesse Mercer and the Georgia Association as a nucleus...The writer took an active part in the religious conflicts of those days, and also thankful that experience has taught him to look with more charity on those who differ from him, than he could then exercise. Even good men, when they become arrayed in opposition to each other, are apt to run into errors and excesses. The writer has strong hope that Mercer, White, Henderson, and other Christians of their times, have met in that country where they "see eye to eye," and where they shall dwell together in perfect harmony forever...
Excerpt from "Passages in the Life of an Old Georgia Preacher, Number 3," in the South Western Baptist, Tuskegee, Alabama, Thursday, January 20, 1859, page 1 (Signed with the pen name "Harrison")

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