Monday, January 23, 2017

The Strength of this Country by Shane Wootten

The following was written by Shane Wootten of DeKalb County, Alabama and posted on Facebook on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017. It is shared here with his permission.
Today we inaugurate a new president, some of us voted for him, some of us voted against him, and some of us did not vote. Regardless of which category we fall into, he is now our president. In four years we will again inaugurate a president, and four years later another president will be inaugurated, and so on. Yes, each president will make their mark on the future of this country. Some marks will be small and some could be large, some will be considered an improvement and some will be considered a step in the wrong direction. That is the way it has been throughout the history of this country and it's worked out pretty well for us. We are privileged to be citizens of the greatest country on earth, we aren't perfect but we continuously strive to be better. Ultimately the strength of this country is found in the American people, not in the president. Whether we supported the new president or not, let us all work together to make this country better tomorrow than it is today. Let us love our neighbors, let us help each other when we are in need of help, let us encourage each other when we are in need of encouragement, and most of all let us resist the temptation to hate each other no matter what our differences.
We the people can make this country strong, but we the people can also make this country weak. The question is: What are we going to do? What are you going to do? Are we going to let a president or the political parties or the media continue to divide us? Are we going to continue taunting each other with Facebook posts and memes? Are we going to continue demoralizing people because of the way they voted in the presidential election? Or are we going to resist the urge to inflame the divisions that we have and try harder to understand each other? Are we going to strive to be better?
I choose to continue to strive to be better, I hope you choose the same. Yes, I will fail at times but when I do I pray that I will realize my failures so that I can learn from them and do better the next time.
God Bless America, ALL of America!!

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