Friday, August 05, 2016

O sacred word, enlightening page

O sacred word, enlightening page,
To thee we turn in every age;
Where else could mortals here below
Inquire God’s righteousness to know?

O let us glimpse the Father’s love;
These scales of darkness now remove,
And with the eye of faith behold
Its wondrous truths more dear than gold.

A compass may this volume prove,
A guide to lead our thoughts above,
A chart upon life’s troubled sea,
Till, past the bar, we rest in Thee.

‘Tis here for comfort we can turn!
O, God forbid that we should spurn
Its living message, saving truth,
Required of men in age and youth.

Hymn attributed to George Tester, when it was first published in Christian Hymns No. 2 in 1948 (compiled by L. O. Sanderson, Nashville, TN: Gospel Advocate Co., 1948). It also appears in Christian Hymns No. 3 (compiled by L. O. Sanderson, Nashville, TN: Gospel Advocate Co., 1966). He also wrote "I want to be like Jesus and to Him glory bring," (apparently) first published in Let Youth Sing by Harry Dixon Loes in 1953 (song was copyrighted in 1952).

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