Thursday, August 18, 2016

Nudeness and Clothing

"Christians in all ages wore modest apparel — becoming and suitable. Nowhere were they described otherwise except by force of a brutish mob. Every Bible scene of just people, where details are mentioned, portrays them properly mantled. And every Bible picture scene of nudeness shows a people gone wild as in Exodus 32:15-28. & Acts 22:22.23; or else possessed, as in I Samuel 19:1-24, & Luke 8:26-39. In all the Bible reflected heavenly views, whether presented on earth’s arena or heaven’s rostrum, they are garbed in white raiment as in Acts 1:9,10, Rev. 15:6, and Daniel 7:9. Clothing is man’s best sign of prosperity, honor, and decency, and has the sanction of God’s approval. Genesis 3:21."
Ira Copeland in The Baptist Progress, August 19, 1937

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