Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Praise for Reigning Grace

No. 406 in Gadsby's Selection (meter 8.8.6.) by John Kent
Praise for Reigning Grace. Rom. 5. 20, 21; Rev. 5. 9

    1    Hark! how the blood-bought hosts above
        Conspire to praise redeeming love,
            In sweet harmonious strains;
        And while they strike the golden lyres,
        This glorious theme each bosom fires,
            That grace triumphant reigns.

    2    Join thou, my soul, for thou canst tell
        How grace divine broke up thy cell,
            And loosed thy native chains;
        And still, from that auspicious day,
        How oft art thou constrained to say,
            That grace triumphant reigns.

    3    Grace, till the tribes redeemed by blood,
        Are brought to know themselves and God,
            Her empire shall maintain;
        To call when he appoints the day,
        And from the mighty take the prey,
            Shall grace triumphant reign.

    4    When called to meet the King of dread,
        Should love compose my dying bed,
            And grace my soul sustain,
        Then, ere I quit this mortal clay,
        I’ll raise my fainting voice, and say,
            Let grace triumphant reign.

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