Saturday, September 13, 2014

In memory 1926-2014

Today all that was mortal of Gladys Velma Seaton Woolverton was laid to rest at the Holleman Cemetery. Gladys was one of the people I've known all my life. Dad and her husband Bill were cousins, lived in the same community, went to the same church -- Dad and Bill even worked for the same contractor for a number of years. In addition their son Joe and I were born only one day apart. Growing up, we were always trying to be at one another's house.

Gladys loved gospel singing and loved to sing. She had a beautiful and distinctive alto voice. Up to the end she was concerned that the third Saturday night singing at her church would go on. Now she is where she can sing on forever!

"I want to meet you by that beautiful river
On that eternal morning in the sky;
Where we will live in peace thru endless ages,
Where we will never say goodbye." (Albert E. Brumley)

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