Friday, July 25, 2014

10 Things I Hate About American Mission Projects

10. You act as if the American church is the true trend setter for how we should all do church.
9. You’re so concerned over the evil spirits ruling our land when so much evil breeds in your own backyard.
8. You live so far above our average standard of living and you behave as if you’re still in North America.
7. You conclude that you’re communicating effectively because we’re paying attention when we’re actually just intrigued by watching your foreign behavior.
6. You’re obsessed with picture-taking and making videos during our evangelistic programs. It’s really quite embarrassing for us.
5. You underestimate the effectiveness of our local church leaders.
4. You talk about us to your churches back home in such demeaning ways.
3. You too quickly get into the action without thinking through the implications on our churches long after you go home.
2. You call us backward for having little regard for your music, no palates for your green salads, no IQ’s for your advanced technology, and the list goes on.
1. You came to our country because some missions speaker gave you a guilt trip about giving your life to missions.

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