Wednesday, November 07, 2012

God is still ruler yet

I write this on the evening of the election, to post to my blog in the morning. It is expected that it will be well into the night -- or maybe even much later than that -- before we will have an idea who has won the presidential election. Now I lay me down to sleep.

I lay down to sleep without worrying about what I will wake to find tomorrow. Many supporters of whomever wins will shout from the housetops that the country has been saved. Deliverance is come. Many supporters of whomever loses will wring their hands in despair, surely knowing that the future is lost. I  rest assured that this is my Father's world -- God is the ruler yet. The Most High rules in the kingdoms of men and gives them to whomsover He will. I am not seeking "hope and change" (Obama) or "real change" (Romney) for our deliverance. Salvation is of the Lord!

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