Sunday, November 25, 2012

6 things we ought to give

Continuing in the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, here are six things we ought to give.

1. We ought to give thanks, because of what God has done. Cf. e.g. Psalm 136
2. We ought to give praise and honor, because of who God is. Cf. e.g. Psalm 29
3. We ought to give honor to whom honor is due, because of God's sovereignty. Cf. Rom. 13:7 & 9:21
4. We ought to give instruction, answers and advice, because of our calling. Cf. Prov. 9:9; I Pet. 3:15; II Cor. 8:10
5. We ought to give gifts, because of the need.
To help the poor, hungry and needy, Cf. e.g. Matt. 5:42; Psalm 146:7; Luke 6:30-38
To support the ministry of the church, Cf. e.g. I Cor. 9; I Cor. 16:1-3; II Cor. 9:7
6. We ought to give ourselves, because it is reasonable. Cf. e.g. I Tim 4:15; Romans 12:1

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