Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More Sacred Harp quotes

"My favorite Sacred Harp tune is whatever I'm singing right now." -- heard from several sources, but don't know the original (many of us agree)

"The cat's in the milk and it will have to be strained over." -- J. L. White, to students at singing school when a song was not being sung correctly (passed on to me by Sandra Wilkinson, whose family members were students of J. L. White)

"Sacred Harp just grabbed me, and I thought, 'This is the music I've been waiting for all my life.'" -- Andrew Albers, 1985 

"Sing it right slow so we can get the juice out of it." -- Terry Wootten

 "If some of you don't like this music, all I've got to say to you is you'd better get out. If you stay here it's going to get a-hold of you and you can't get away." -- Tom Denson to a singing school class, quoted by G. P. Jackson

"We disagree with the prediction that Sacred Harp music is fast disappearing." -- J. W. Bassett, Letter to the editor of Birmingham News Monthly Magazine, 1954

"Surely man will not degrade himself below the insects and birds, in thus letting one of his noblest faculties (singing) lie dormant." -- G. H. Perdue in The Organ, 1855

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