Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dear Abby

In the Monday April 30 newspaper "Dear Abby" received a letter signed "Somewhere in the U.S.A." Somewhere's son last year had revealed that he considers himself a homosexual, and she was trying to come to grips with it. Though the family was accepting, she and her husband were struggling with God's view of homosexuality. She didn't exactly understand the Bible, and did not want to talk to her pastor. So she turned instead to Abby to ask, "Do you believe a gay person will go to heaven?"

Usually Abby will take the liberal and anti-biblical stance. She did once again. Missing the mark of grace, she said, "I believe that entrance to heaven is based upon a person's character, not his or her sexual orientation." Her confidence is based on "modern scientific studies." According to Abby, "we know more about homosexuality than was known when the Bible was written." What do we know from these "modern scientific studies?" "That sexual orientation is not a 'choice'."

Modern scientific studies and Abby notwithstanding, what we really do know from science, the Bible, nature, observation and common sense is that humans are born as men and women. Whether they engage in heterosexual sex, homosexual sex, or any sex at all is a choice that each person makes.

Dear Abby may not be all that relevant, but the issue is; especially in light of the fact that our President has come out in support of homosexual marriages.

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