Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Where is your refuge?

"It is a peculiar happiness to observe, that in matters of spiritual concern, the philosopher and ploughman (if truly regenerate) have the same feelings, speak the same language; they all eat of the same spiritual meat, and drink of the same spiritual rock that follows them, and that rock is Christ. Hence that similitude of experience, or to speak figuratively, that strong and striking family likeness which obtains among the converted people of God, in every period of time, and in every nation under heaven.

"They all, without exception, feel themselves totally ruined by original sin; they, all without exception, take refuge in the righteousness and cross of Christ, and unite in ascribing the whole praise of their salvation to the alone free grace and sovereign mercy of Father, Son, and Spirit."

-- Augustus M. Toplady (author of "Rock of ages, cleft for me")

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Anonymous said...

There is most surely still a refuge our Lord has provided for us. A refuge to be found within the heart that so strives for righteousness.

Where shall man seek this refuge? Will he be drawn to the worldly amusements that may refresh his physical state for a season? Does pride show its awful face when the conscience knows what ought to be done?

At sundry times, man will weather the elements although refuge is within his sight. Woe unto him when our Saviour's voice will not be heeded. The 21st Century now has a new establishment of comings and goings to which the flesh is drawn unto. A structure without a solid foundation. The refuge of man is doomed from the beginning. The refuge of the Master was, and shall always be firm. May its images be firmly entrenched in our daily walk.