Friday, March 11, 2011

Elijah's example

ELIJAH fed by ravens.
1Ki 17:6

Elijah's example declares,
Whatever distress may betide;
The saints may commit all their cares
To him who will surely provide:
When rain long withheld from the earth
Occasioned a famine of bread;
The prophet, secure from the dearth,
By ravens was constantly fed.

More likely to rob than to feed,
Were ravens who live upon prey;
But when the Lord's people have need,
His goodness will find out a way:
This instance to those may seem strange,
Who know not how faith can prevail;
But sooner all nature shall change,
Than one of God's promises fail.

Nor is it a singular case,
The wonder is often renewed;
And many can say, to his praise,
He sends them by ravens their food:
Thus worldlings, though ravens indeed,
Though greedy and selfish their mind,
If God has a servant to feed,
Against their own wills can be kind.

Thus Satan, that raven unclean,
Who croaks in the ears of the saints;
Compelled by a power unseen,
Administers oft to their wants:
God teaches them how to find food
From all the temptations they feel;
This raven, who thirsts for my blood,
Has helped me to many a meal.

How safe and how happy are they
Who on the good Shepherd rely!
He gives them out strength for their day,
Their wants he will surely supply:
He ravens and lions can tame,
All creatures obey his command;
Then let me rejoice in his name,
And leave all my cares in his hand.

John Newton (1725-1807)
Olney Hymns, 1779


Anonymous said...

The Bible does tell us what we must do when having done all to stand. There are indeed times when we can do nothing but stand.

Man may think he has much to cling unto. But does he in fact have a true and tried substance in which to hold? He may believe it is the strongest of chains that will hold him against the sinkinking sands. But in reality, there are times in which he has nothing but the roots of a decayed shrub.

Let us be thankful when the ravens suddenly appear with albeit if only a morsel or two. For the time is quickly approaching when even the ravens shall disappear along with their gatherings. What shall we do then? What can we trumpet and proclaim when the wick offers the last of a flicker? Let us forever be in continual prayer unto Him, while being thankful that even the ravens are still with us.

Anonymous said...

The Master has indeed declared "come and dine," with a table prepared for the nourishment of the soul.

Why would the natural man refuse such an offering? Would he refuse an earthly offering of bountiful gatherings from the field? Sadly, he has allowed the snares and temptations of this life cause him to refuse the invitation. What shall the consequence be. If the temple of flesh refuses nourishment for an extended duration, he will perish in the physical state. If he continually ignores the Master's calling, he will perish in another sense. Will man heed the call? Woe unto him when he forever shall turn away from the call to "come and dine."