Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We are not fond of acrostics, but we remember an old preacher describing the name of Jesus: "J-E-S-U-S: Jesus Exactly Suits Us Sinners." -- B. A. Ramsbottom, editor of The Gospel Standard


Anonymous said...

Though I am not particularly fond of acrostics either, I find an interesting thought contained in the one in reference.

To man of the 21st Century, it is sad that Jesus alone, no longer suits the sinner. Man will devise his own schemes to be suited, and attempt to desparately add Jesus into the equation. Once upon a time, "in Him," was the basis of our religion. Has "included with Him," now become the norm?

Anonymous said...

There are some who may take the name of Jesus in varying forms. Through slogans, catch-phrases, and other vanities. But is this not mere worship of letters which make up a name?

The real worship of the name of Jesus is in the person of Him, which we have recorded in the Scriptures.

Anonymous said...

When I think of the names Jesus, I automatically am reminded just as much of His Spirit. But I believe we should carefully analyze what the Spirit of Christ embodies. So many are quick to view His Spirit as a sort of metaphysical creation which cannot be comprehended.

But His Spirit encompasses so much more. When we as flesh, seek to be Christlike, and put on the attributes of Him, we are engaging in the "Spirit" of The Lord. His life , teachings, and ministry on Earth, were a part of His "Spirit."

This observation I will make, certainly includes myself as well. I believe we have failed miserably at putting on His Spirit, and honestly striving to be like Him, while knowing we can never attain it. As of late, everything man is doing on the preface of bringing honor unto Him, has been a sad failure of great measure. We fail to undertake the small things, while dreaming of grandeur. May we all pray more earnestly and cast off the foolish pride and preconceived notions which man has made for himself.