Monday, May 24, 2010

Flesh and spirit

HYMN 143, C. M.
Flesh and spirit.

What diff'rent powers of grace and sin
Attend our mortal state
I hate the thoughts that work within,
And do the works I hate.

Now I complain, and groan, and die,
While sin and Satan reign;
Now raise my songs of triumph high,
For grace prevails again.

So darkness struggles with the light
Till perfect day arise;
Water and fire maintain the fight,
Until the weaker dies.

Thus will the flesh and spirit strive,
And vex and break my peace;
But I shall quit this mortal life,
And sin for ever cease.

Isaac Watts (1674-1748)
Hymns and Spiritual Songs, Book II, 1707

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Anonymous said...

Sadly, many often yield to the flesh when we know a better way. Surely, God is displeased when he has given us his Blueprint to be in accord with his plan for our short time on Earth. The flesh will become stronger when we think of what He endured, all for us.