Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Word today

Word: obnubilate (ob-NOO-buh-layt, -NYOO-)
Part of speech: verb tr.
Definition: To cloud over, obscure, or darken.
Used in a sentence: The polls are opening at 7:00 a.m. In the preceding months, politicians have obnubilated issue after issue for their own benefit.

Word: obnubilation (ob-NOO-buh-layt-shun, -NYOO-)
Part of speech: noun
Definition: mental cloudiness and torpidity; the act of obnubilating.
Used in a poem:
My joy and jubilation
(For I'm a politician)
Is sweet obnubilation.
It's my eternal mission.

Now you may think I'm funny
Since I seem to have plenty--
My friend, I need your money--
I don't mean just a twenty!

It is my fond ambition
To bring you to submission;
I will, for this condition,
Disregard your volition.

Yes, I'm a politician,
And under obligation;
To stay in my position
By sweet obnubilation.

(Ode to a politician, March 1,2010)

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