Thursday, February 11, 2010

Touch not God's anointed

Recently a stir was created over a prominent Grapevine pastor linked to luxury. Millions of dollars with little or no congregational accountability seems suspicious. But one thing that is disconcerting to me is the fact that some think a pastor or "great Christian leader" can't be questioned or called to account. For example, "Praying for @EdYoung this morning. The world doesn’t like it when we are effective for Christ so they attack. Glad Ed built on THE ROCK!" [From this source; italics mine] I have no problem with this man or anyone who feels led praying for Ed Young. But there is an implication in this statement that Ed Young is only being attacked because he is doing great things for Christ. It couldn't actually be true, could it?

Some pastors and Christian leaders think that they are untouchable -- whether they have insulated themselves systematically, or they are just dictatorial bullies who run roughshod over God's people. Some will smugly quote Psalms 105:15 - "Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm." First, I think this context refers to what God did for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and not preachers at all. Second, just because someone has anointed himself (or herself) does not make him "God's anointed".

As with the Bereans and the preaching of Paul, check things out to see whether they are so. Whether it is doctrines, morals or ethics, no preacher or Christian leader is above biblical judgment. They shouldn't hide behind either "touch not God's anointed" or a "don't worry, folks just don't like it when we are effective for Christ."


Anonymous said...

It sounds like this poor man is warped in more ways than one.

The same pattern is usually followed with stories of this regard. When you have a ministry such as this which goes from nothing to very large, seemingly overnight, there is usually corruption involved. It would be interesting to get Mr. Young and his followers' definition of "effective."

One thing can be said for people such as this. They are masters of their craft. 2 x 4's they are not. But they will always be out there as long as there are enough people to support them. It seems regardless of religious scandals throughout the years, some never learn.

And yes, the word annointed has been abused in more ways than one. Some seem to believe that gives them entitlement to things which the common man must honor. But all must give an account.

Anonymous said...

It is sad to see that when Baptists have not learned from history that a distinction betwen the "papacy" (or "clergy") and the "laity" is evil and a catholic practice in origin. Even though Paul was an apostle with special authority he still understood that Christ was the head of the church and promoted the democracy of the New Testament church.