Monday, January 12, 2009

Old Baptist quotes (6)

"Does God put a premium on ignorance in the ministry? We know the he has no use for the pride of learning, but neither does he care for the arrogance of ignorance." -- A. T. Robertson, Baptist author and educator

"Go directly to the Bible for truth. If truth is accepted second-handed, a man will find himself like the carpenter that sawed each board by the one had just sawed instead of by the first board every time." -- Clem Boggs, United Baptist preacher, Lawrence County, Kentucky

Being a carpenter by trade, I especially liked this illustration. When I cut rafters, every rafter was marked and sawed according to the pattern. It could have become quite a mess to mark the next one by the one I had just sawed instead of going back to the pattern. The Bible gives the pattern. We need to go back beyond what is a copy of the pattern to the pattern itself, to be sure we are cutting correctly.

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