Friday, May 30, 2008

Now that's a twist

When legislators undertake to create laws that favor certain groups, they don't always consider all the ramifications.

Enter the state of Maine's laws, Orono School District, a 10 year old with "gender identification issues," and Grandfather Paul Melanson.

Orono School District, apparently seeking to follow Maine's human rights laws and accommodate a 10 year old boy who has problems with knowing his sexual orientation, allowed the boy to use the girls' restroom. After Paul Melanson discovered what was happening, he told his grandson to follow the other boy into the girls' restroom whenever he went in. Melanson's grandson was warned by the school not to enter the girls' restroom (and Melanson was warned by police).

Melanson argues, based on Maine's laws governing sexual orientation, that his grandson is being deprived of a right granted to another boy, and that deprivation of rights is based on his grandson's sexual orientation -- heterosexuality.

And he does have a point!

You can read more about this and
HERE, HERE, and HERE. I couldn't find an update on it.

[Note: though I think Paul Melanson makes a correct legal point, I nevertheless do not agree with his handling of the problem.]

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