Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Quoting others

"The relationship between theory and practice is the relationship between cause and effect. If a person believes correct theory his practice will tend to be correct." -- From The Crisis of Our Time, by John W. Robbins

"In the task of biblical interpretation, 'the one and only interpretation' of a passage is a foundational concept. Indeed, it is the mission. The ten-dollar seminary word for the task of interpreting the Bible is hermeneutics. Hermeneutics is the quest for 'the one and only interpretation' of the passage. Any time that it does not result in "the one and only interpretation" of a passage, hermeneutics has failed. The Bible is not about our diversity; it is about God's singular revealed truth." -- From
Interpreting the Bible, Part 1 "The One and Only Interpretation", on Praisegod Barebones, the online musings of Bart Barber

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