Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Some background on next entry

American Baptists are often "self-consumed" and have only limited knowledge of Baptists in other countries. When I say that, I don't mean that we are necessarily selfishly unconcerned. But we live in a country of large geographical area and lots of Baptists. We often have trouble understanding the different Baptists here, much less elsewhere. The travels of the majority of us are limited to our own country or even much smaller regions within it. It is just "too much trouble" to try to understand Baptists elsewhere that we don't know and don't meet. Even persons such as I who make it a habit to collect information on Baptists don't really grasp the intricacies, organization and beliefs of Baptists about whom we've only read. We need the insight of an "insider". The phenomenon of the World Wide Web has brought us much closer and given us opportunities of communicating with our Baptist brethren elsewhere that we wouldn't have even dreamed of a few years ago. My next post will be an article on Grace Baptists by Philip Tait.

Back in January, Brother Tait added some information about British Grace Baptist organizations to my blog entry
Baptists in Britain, Australia and Canada. Afterward we exchanged some e-mails in which he provided further information, and I asked if I could post it on my blog. He graciously formatted his information into the following article, giving a summary of who Grace Baptists in England are, and how they got to be where they are. Thank you, Brother Tait.

Perhaps there are other Baptists in other places who would be willing to provide information about your faith and practice.

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