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Forthcoming new book
Materials Toward a History of Feet Washing among the Baptists, consisting of Historical References to the Practice among the Missionary Baptists, including miscellaneous notes on other groups By R. L. Vaughn

About the book
Materials Toward a History of Feet Washing among the Baptists compiles data on the relationship of the rite of feet washing and Baptists, particularly as practiced in Missionary Baptist churches. Arranged in a chronological and geographical format, Materials allows the reader to see records, controversies and variations of washing the saints’ feet in Baptist churches. The idea is debunked that only Free Will Baptists and Primitive Baptists practice feet washing, but that it is not practiced by the Missionary Baptists.

Publication Date: 2008
Available: July 2008
$21.99 soft cover. 8 ½” X 11”
Pages: 230, including bibliography and index
Categories: Baptists – History
ISBN: 978-1-60458-249-9
DDC: 286.09
LC: BX 6235

What others say
Vaughn did an excellent job researching an obscure subject of which contemporary Baptists have little knowledge. This book is a needed contribution to Baptist historiography. I know of nothing like it. – C. B. Anderson (retired), Jacksonville College , Jacksonville , TX

The volume by R. L. Vaughn, Materials Toward a History of Feet Washing Among the Baptists, is an exhaustive compilation of source materials on feet washing as practiced by Baptists and even others. The work covers practically every aspect of the subject, including definitions of the rite, its biblical and historical roots, its manner of observance past and present, its practice by group and geographical location, and even arguments of those opposed to it. Although the work focuses on Missionary Baptists in the USA and abroad as over against Primitive Baptists, it nevertheless includes all Baptist parties and even bodies outside the Baptist fold. An extra bonus is its appendix that includes a listing of Baptist groups and subgroups in the USA and British Isles , a comprehensive and detailed listing not found elsewhere. This work is an excellent study, providing a most valuable list of sources on a practice, although bypassed by a great many today, that is observed by others as an observance with a biblical mandate. – Albert W. Wardin, Jr., Professor Emeritus of History, Belmont University, Nashville, TN; author of The Twelve Tribes of Baptists in the USA: a Historical and Statistical Analysis

Brother Robert Vaughn has painstakingly assembled a massive amount of historical data about the practice of washing the saint's feet. He has taken great care to give the reader a reference for each statement made concerning the history of feet washing. In addition, he has taken great care to arrange the material so that one can easily access the material by time period or geographical region. This is a great help to one who is going to use this book for research.

I cannot recommend this book too highly. If you are a feet washing Baptist (or if you are not, and are simply curious about the practice) you would do well to purchase and read this book to learn more of the history of a Biblical, but often neglected and despised practice. – Jason L. Skipper, Carriere, MS. Pastor, Wilmer Missionary Baptist Church/Centerville Missionary Baptist Church

Biblical Overview
Feet Washing in Early Christian Contexts
Feet Washing among the Continental Anabaptists
Feet Washing in the British Isles
Feet Washing in North America
Feet Washing in Other Regions
Final Thoughts
Feet washing by Baptist Groups
Baptist Groups in the United States
Predestinarian Baptist Groups
Baptist Groups in Canada
Baptist Groups in the British Isles
Feet Washing in other Groups
Anglicanism, Catholicism and Orthodoxy
Foot washing by A. T. Green
My Story by Joyce Beaty-Shembarger
Mt. Zion Association report
Some debates on Feet washing
Letter from M. F. Wheeler
Pleasant Valley circular letter, 1898
Bits and Pieces
Further Reading

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Prairie Prey said...

I look forward to reading it, Robert.


R. L. Vaughn said...

I hope you find it useful and informative.