Monday, January 21, 2008

Diverse thoughts on a holiday

Today is
Martin Luther King day, a United States holiday set aside to honor the American civil rights advocate by the same name. According to Wikipedia, King's birthday was actually January the 15th. But here in the U.S. we have a penchant for moving holidays to Monday so we can have a long weekend. I don't know what that shows -- that we are smart? lazy? not real particular about when we celebrate something as long as it's convenient?

Speaking of that -- our local libraries have a penchant for closing on the Saturday before a Monday holiday. Is that common in other parts of the United States? I can understand the desire to have a long weekend, but closing on Saturday cuts off the use of the library to many who, because of work schedules, are unable to visit the library during the workweek. Librarians, give us your side of this.

After a win over San Diego yesterday, the New England Patriots remain

Word of the day
Undecheated. adjective, remaining victorious in spite of being cheaters. Etymology {from un- "not" + defeated [Failure to win] (n.) + cheated [To violate rules deliberately, as in a game] (v.) - f = remaining victorious in spite of being cheaters (or something like that)}

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Bro. Matt said...

Undecheated...oh that's good! I'm going to use that on my blog!

Go Giants (just because I can't stand decheaters!)