Monday, November 12, 2007

Words on relationships...

...what do you think?

"During the impressionable adolescent years, kids are organized into classes based on the strength of their intellects. That means the kids in honors classes are practically segregated from the hoi polloi. This may ensure that students get the most challenging education for their skill levels, but it also sends a strong social signal as teens primarily associate with their intellectual equals at the time they often begin dating."

"The relationships that count, the relationships that last, are the ones based on compassion, compromise, and communication."
-- both quotes from "Giving Up Smart" by Rachel Pomerance on

* "Hoi polloi -- the common people; the masses (often preceded by the)"


Anonymous said...

I attended a boy's private school where all the lads attended the same classes. The better students were expected to assist the lesser students. One advanced as he could and possibly started university long before others.

I can't say that anyone suffered or was held back in learning because lesser students attended the same classes. If anything, the lesser students were lifted up.

If modern schools paid more attention to the basics; English, mathematics and history, they would pave the way for higher learning. Stop playing games in school, and get down to learning.



Anonymous said...

This post has remained with me for quite sometime now. Compassion, compromise, and communication. I don't see a whole lot of it out there, especially among the younger crowd, and even the middle agers. To be truthful, hardly any of it at all.

Robert, there are a couple of arguments I have presented to some other bloggers, and they never answer the question outright. They will side-step it just like a politician.

It deals with marriage and how it should be in accordance with the Bible, and just plain common sense. First off, I believe the whole entire concept has changed and is no longer aligned with Scriptures. In the boob, "Robert E. Lee: Letters and Recollections," there are numerous first hand accounts of where General Lee would write back home of where he believed he had found a wife or husband for someone, and usually they would end up marrying. Quite a change from how things work today. All you hear today are things such as, "Let me try and get inside of their heart," "scoring points," and "love is just a game." Is this what it should be about? No one has yet addressed the issue I have put forth to them.

Here's the other point they will dodge. I am middle -aged, soon to be 46. Of all the elderly people I have been priviledged to know through the years, none of them can understand why any lady close to my own age will not have anything to do with me. They always tell me how much it means to them that I would take the time and visit. With ladies my own age, it is more a matter of total avoidance, if anything. I might be able to diverge in casual conversation for awhile. But if they suspect the least hint that I am attempting to take it to a different level, well then the conversation ends entirely. What does this tell you? No one has addressed this issue either on other blogs. It sounds like I had the misfortune of being born in the wrong time period. Of course no one can control that.

I know one thing is for sure. I do not intend to keep this same routine for the rest of my life. I believe there was a gospel song from the 1970's called,"There's Gonna Be Some Changes Made." And there will be changes made regarding my personal situation, one way or the other. That can be taken to the bank. I would like to see how many people would follow the same one-dimensional routine their whole entire adult life up to this point. I surmise there would be few and far between. When all we are talking about is just an ordinary life and situation like almost everyone else seems to have, regardless if they are rich or poor, drunkard or criminal, honest or misleading, etc.

This just got me thinking all the more. I sincerely believe it is just a reflection of how warped and depraved this world has become. I'm surprised God has not been harsher on America than He has. I'm afraid we will see the wrath later on like never before.

R. L. Vaughn said...

I am not sure I can answer your question either. I have often thought I don't fit this time period as well, but if my theology of God is correct, we in fact are all right where we belong. But we do live in an America that is warped and depraved, with very little true religion. Most of it is on the surface. And our forefathers might be disappointed with even those of us who think we have true religion! We may be just a shadow of it.

Surely America is ripe for judgment. Current events may hint that it is around the corner.